Tees, Approaches and Fairway Turf

Tees, Approaches and Fairway Turf

We supply high-quality turf for use across all areas of the golf course. All golf turf products are grown with great expertise and are compatible with most soil types. Every order is precision harvested and delivered to you in excellent condition, ready to lay.

Golf Arena Turf

This is a popular, versatile turf for use on many locations on the golf course, especially those subjected to heavy use. A blend of grass species produces a high-quality turf that’s resilient with good colour and sward density. It also ensures compatibility with most growing mediums and environmental situations in Scandinavia.


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Arena Gold Turf

With dwarf ryegrass and two fescue cultivars, this is an excellent choice if you require tees turf that combines durability with a finer leaf appearance. It is also ideal for other areas that are subjected to wear, including surrounds, collars, approaches and fairways.


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Arena Gold Shortcut Turf

This is a specialist turf for use on tees, surrounds, collars, approaches and fairways that need to be quickly brought back into play. It is grown on sandy soil and has a close-mown, dense sward for more rapid establishment, avoiding the need to rapidly reduce the height of cut once the turf is laid.


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Fescue Turf

This fine-leaved turf is most suited to Links and heathland golf courses. It is grown in free-draining fields with the highest sand content that mirror the natural environment it prefers.


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Fescue Bent Turf

This is the ideal choice when a fine, dense sward is required without the use of perennial ryegrass. Grown on light, sandy soil, it is maintained to a height of 13mm and regularly checked for the ingress of Poa annua.


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Turf Calculator

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