Greens Turf

Turf for golf greens

On any golf course the performance and consistency of the greens is the highest priority. When buying greens turf for renovated or newly constructed greens, you’ll find the ideal match for your course conditions within this comprehensive range.

Our greens turf products are intensively managed by experienced greenkeepers who replicate the care and attention the surfaces would receive on your golf course.

The production process ensures each type of turf receives the highest quality maintenance regime all year round, including regular topdressing, a balanced nutrition programme and optimised moisture management. It is brushed, cut with dedicated greens mowers with clippings boxed off, checked for Poa annua and hand-weeded as required. The result is turf with exceptional sward quality that is virtually Poa-free upon delivery.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We will be pleased to advise you and help ensure a seamless transition from production location to your venue.

Rootzone Greens Turf

Our most regularly requested greens product can be found on golf courses across Scandinavia. Applications of topdressing using a USGA specification sand to the required depth ensures the turf is compatible with both USGA rootzones and others with a high sand content. Such compatibility ensures efficient water and nutrient infiltration and deeper, healthier root systems, resulting in finer grasses with enhanced drought tolerance.

Rootzone Greens Turf

Suitability and species list.

Poa Bent Greens Turf

This turf was developed at the request of golf course superintendents to match the appearance and typical playing characteristics commonly found on well-established greens in Scandinavia.

Maintained in the traditional manner, it is cut regularly with a dedicated triple mower at a height of 3mm in the summer months and at 4mm during the winter. It is also regularly topdressed with USGA sand so it is compatible with USGA specification rootzone greens in addition to traditional soil-based greens.


Suitability and species list.

Creeping Bent Greens Turf

This turf grade is favoured by venues where members and tournament competitors require the finest quality putting conditions. The singular species produces a consistent growth habit, texture and temperate response to deliver fast, supremely smooth putting surfaces.


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Greens on Soil Turf

Greens turf that is grown on light, sandy indigenous soil is ideal for traditional soil-based push-up greens.


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Turf Calculator

Use our online turf calculator to calculate the area and how many rolls of turf you need.
1 roll of turf is equal to 1m².