Bunkers and Ecology Turf

Turf for Bunkers and Ecology Projects

Whether you’re building revetted bunker faces, creating a definitive bunker edge, lining bunker bases, turfing bunker banks or adding visual interest, we supply grades of turf that meet the needs of all your bunker reconstruction and renovation projects.

Revetting Turf

If you are constructing traditional revetted bunker faces or adding a definitive edge to your bunkers, the turf you choose is an investment in both the longer-term design aesthetic and also in the level of maintenance required. Our turf slabs are a mainly fescue sward grown for a minimum of three years to deliver incredible stability. The finished product has a tight sward and a strong, free-draining profile which prevents wash-out and helps create a firm bond between each layer.

A standard pallet contains 20 slabs each measuring 1200mm x 600mm x 400mm thick. For your convenience, they can be pre-cut into smaller slabs upon request.

Specialist Turf

We are able to supply Heather Turf for bunker constructions and ecology projects in other areas of the golf course. Visit our suppliers website Tillers Turf to find out more about our Heather Turf.

Revetting Turf

Calculate how many slabs of revetting turf you need and how many pallets to order.